About Us

About Us

Founded in 2014, ordervalplast.com.au was launched to provide the complete Valplast product line and Valplast product support for dental laboratories in Australia and New Zealand.  OrderValplast.com.au offers Valplast cartridges at affordable prices with fast delivery.  OrderValplast.com also provides technical blogs with posts from leading Valplast technicians, and the opportunity for our customers comment on blogs, posting and sharing on social media, and recommending our site to colleagues.  We look forward to providing Valplast products, information, education, and great service to Australian and New Zealand dental labs!

Valplast Life Time Unbreakable Guarantee

All Valplast tubes have individual LOT Numbers to be put on the Patient Information Card to Certify Genuine Valplast Materials are used and to Qualify the Valplast LIFE TIME UNBREAKABLE GUARANTEE.

YOU must use Val-Clean to maintain your LIFE TIME VALPLAST WARRANTEE.

Only Authorised Valplast Laboratories can provide and guarantee Valplast.

About the Staff

The Sales Team at OrderValplast.com.au are fully trained Authorised Valplast technicians. They can provide advice on using the products available through this site, and can provide full support for dental laboratories looking to increase business by promoting their Valplast Flexible services.